Different skateboard stances

The 5 Different skateboard stances


There are 5 different skateboard stances, 2 standard stances and 3 alternate stances.

Here is a quick list of all 5 different ways to stand on a skateboard. If you are just looking for the terms.

Skateboard stances

  • Standard Stances
    • Regular
    • Goofy
  • Alternate Stances
    • Fakie
    • Nollie
    • Switch

If you want to learn about each stance, keep reading and we will go over each one in depth.

What are the 2 standard skateboard stances?

The 2 standard stances on a skateboard are goofy footed and regular footed. These stances are different from the other 3 stances because they are chosen for you at birth the same as being born right handed or left handed.

Some people are born goofy footed and some people are born regular footed. You can tell if a person is goofy or regular as soon as the step on the skateboard, even if it is their very first time.

What is Goofy footed on a skateboard?

The term goofy footed just means that you skate with your right foot forward and your left foot near the tail. The term goofy footed doesn’t mean that you skate strangely, or that you look goofy on the skateboard. As for doing tricks a goofy stance uses the left foot to pop the tail and the right foot as the kick foot.

What is Regular footed on a skateboard?

Regular footed is the reverse of goofy stance. A skater who rides regular stance naturally puts his or her left foot toward the nose of the skateboard, and their right foot near the tail.

A regular footed skater pops with the right foot and uses the left foot to flick or slide for flip tricks. The term regular footed doesn’t mean that you have won some prize and you automatically have average skateboarding abilities.

Am I goofy footed or regular footed?

If you are new to skateboarding and want to know if you are goofy footed or regular footed then all you need to do it get on the board. Before you do that I want to warn you to not push mongo, this will confuse you on how to ride properly.

What does pushing mongo mean? This mean that you put your standing foot on the back of the board while you push. So here is the best way for a new skater to tell if he or she is goofy or regular.

After you get on the board push around a few times. If you are pushing with your left foot on the ground then you are goofy footed, if your are pushing with your right foot on the ground then you are regular footed.

What are the 3 alternate skateboard stances?

The 3 alternate ways to ride a skateboard are fakie, nollie, and switch. These are generally only used for performing different variations of skateboard tricks.

For each skateboard trick there are three different variations of that same trick. Let’s take the kickflip for example. If your riding in your standard stance and you do a kickflip then that’s it, you have done a standard kickflip. Do not call it a standard kickflip. If you are riding fakie and you do a kickflip then you have done a fakie kickflip. Riding nollie and doing a kickflip would be a nollie kickflip. Same goes for riding switch. This applies to every flip trick in the book.

What is riding switch on a skateboard?

This is the same as trying to bat left handed for right handed person. To put it as simple as possible. If your goofy footed and you do a trick in regular footed stance then that would be a switch trick. If your regular footed and you do a trick in goofy stance that would be switch for you. So switch is relative to your standard stance.

To skate switch you just SWITCH to the opposite of your standard stance on a skateboard. I think switch is perhaps the most challenging of the 3 alternate stances. For the large majority of tricks the name stays the same just say SWITCH in-front of the name of the trick. An ollie performed in switch stance is called a switch ollie. A kickflip done switch is a switch kickflip, but some just say switch flip. Switch heelflips are called switch heelflips but you can shorten that to switch heel.

What is riding nollie on a skateboard?

Nollie is when you ride toward the front of the board. With the intent to pop the nose with your front foot rather than popping the tail with your back foot. Your front foot becomes your pop foot and your back foot becomes your kick-foot.

Most tricks that are performed in the nollie position have the same name. The Ollie however is not called a Nollie Ollie, instead it’s just called a Nollie. But just about all the rest of the tricks are called the same thing but with the word nollie precedes the name. Kickflips performed nollie are called nollie kickflips, but again you can shorten that to nollie flip or nollie kick.

What is riding fakie on a skateboard?

I’m going to take a different approach to explaining this stance than most would. Most would explain this as simply riding backwards on a skateboard. While they are not wrong, it is more than just riding backwards. Or they would have just called it backwards instead of fakie. I don’t want to cause a new skateboarder to want to look forward and ride backwards. So! Yes you are riding backwards but your focus is still in the direction you are rolling. And easy way to ride fakie is by pushing mongo.

When you hop on the board put your push foot on the front, because your standing foot is already at the back. Now your riding fakie. The trick naming convention is the same as the other 2 alternate stances.


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