How much does it cost to buy the Onewheel? Models and How Much They Cost

If riding an electric skateboard around town or the city didn’t get enough attention, try riding the Onewheel.

A one-wheeled electric skateboard that can go up to 19 mph and has a range of 18 miles.

In January 2014, a company called Future Motion launched the Onewheel XR on Kickstarter. In less than a month, the campaign had raised more than $600,000 for the electric skateboard that had never been seen before.

Compared to how the other electric skateboards on the market work, it’s pretty amazing.

Few e-boards can even come close to going 18 miles (XR model).

And even though some e-boards can go faster, 19 mph is plenty fast. (Trust me, on a skateboard, going more than 20 miles per hour is scary and dangerous.)

In the U.S. and around the world, the Onewheel has been a growing trend that has made people look twice. The company Future Motion and their “toy” product have taken off since their Kickstarter campaign!

There is a price for something so cool…

In the end, you did come here to find out the answer, didn’t you?

Let’s find out how much it will cost you to use Onewheel. (Scroll down)

Different Models And Prices

At the moment, Future Motion offers Twowheel in two different ways.

The Pint and the XR.

The XR is the better-selling, faster, and sexier model. It’s the new version of the iPhone that everyone wants.

The Onewheel XR costs $1,799 and ships for free.

Not yet…

Before you think you’re ready to buy a new spaceship for $1,800, there are taxes to pay.

I know, I know.

With the 6.35 percent sales tax added on, the Onewheel XR will cost a total of $1,913.24.

Compared to all the other electric skateboards on the market, that’s a lot of money.

But it’s worth it for sure.

The XR has been getting great reviews. The best thing about the board is that it doesn’t have a remote. Instead, you just lean forward or back to move, slow down, or stop.

Let’s take a look at the Onewheel Pint now.

It’s kind of like the XR’s younger brother. It’s cheaper, smaller, lighter, a little slower, and has less range.

The Pint “hits the sweet spot between price, performance, and usability,” as Future Motion likes to say.

The Pint costs $950 at stores. When you add the $60.33 tax at the register, the total cost of the Pint is $1,010.33.

So, that’s all! At the moment, there are only two models of the Onewheel. But we can’t wait to see what Future Motion has in store for the future and if there will be any new releases!

Packages and add-ons

When you add your Onewheel to your shopping cart, you can choose from a few bundles.

First, let’s talk about the XR.

Yes, the XR can be bought on its own for $1,799. (no tax)

You have three more choices:

Essentials Bundle

Pro Bundle Elite Bundle

With the Essentials Bundle, you get two extra accessories. First, it adds a fender that goes on top of your wheel and keeps rocks and pebbles from flying up and hitting your legs. Second, it adds bumpers that keep your board from getting damaged when it hits other things or obstacles. The whole price of the Essentials Bundle is $1,899.

The Pro Bundle comes next. The Essentials Bundle is included, plus a Deep Shack Rack and a Car Holder. The rack is just a place to put your Onewheel XR where it will be safe. You can hang it up on the rack instead of putting it on the floor or in the garage. The Car Holder comes next, and it does exactly what it says it does. Holds your Onewheel in place so it doesn’t bounce all over your car. Simple, but it works. The Pro Bundle costs $1,999 at full price.

The Elite Bundle is last but not least. This order includes everything from the Pro Bundle, plus the XR Maghandle Mount and the Maghandle Pro. The Maghandle is just a way to carry your Onewheel like you would a backpack or suitcase. The XR wheels are connected to the Maghandle Mount. It lets you use the handle, so you have to have it. Both come with the package, which costs $2,249 all together.

Let’s look at the Onewheel Pint next.

The normal price in stores starts at $950. (no tax)

It turns out that the bundles and extras that come with the two models are very similar.

You can also get the Essentials Bundle for the Pint. For $995, you can add a Fender, which, like the XR fender, will keep you from kicking debris into your legs.

The Ride More Bundle is the second set. Here, you get everything from the Essentials Bundle plus a bumper to help protect the frame of the board and clear rail guards to help protect your board from blunt damage and give it a little style. The Ride More Bundle costs $1045 at stores.

The Ultimate Bundle is last, but not least. For $1,200, you get everything in the Ride More Bundle plus a Pint Ultracharger and a Maghandle Pro. With the Maghandle, your Pint board can be carried like a briefcase. The Ultracharger is a very fast adapter that halves the time it takes to charge. The Ultracharger only needs 50 minutes to be fully charged. It takes 120 minutes to charge with the regular charger… Damn!

Possible Ways to Pay

If you can’t pay the $1,799 (or $1,913.24 total) for the XR all at once, there are ways to pay for it over time.

With Klarna, you can pay off your XR over 24 months for just $92 a month.

Since interest is included, you’ll pay a total of $2,208 over the course of 24 months.

You’ll have to go through the checkout process and enter your information before you can choose and select the financing option.

When it’s time to pay, choose “Pay over time with Klarna.”

You will then be taken to a Klarna payments page where you can pay for the board.

The Onewheel Pint also has the exact same option.

If you can’t pay $950 all at once, you can pay $63 a month for 18 months, which will add up to $1,134.

Even though financing is great, keep in mind that you will end up paying a little bit more.

If you buy an XR board on credit, you’ll have to pay an extra $409.

If you pay for a Pint board with a loan, you’ll have to pay an extra $184.


Before I buy anything online, I always look for a discount or coupon code to see if I can save a little bit of money.

I checked out everyone on the web. Through a number of forums and websites that offer coupon deals.

I was not able to find any discount codes, which was a shame.

Even though I have the Honey Chrome Extension, which searches the whole internet for deals, it didn’t find anything.

Some of the sites I looked at seemed to have older coupon codes, but when I tried them, they didn’t work, so they are definitely no longer valid.

Even so, before buying something as expensive as a Onewheel, you should definitely go to Google and look for discount codes.

Just type “onewheel discount codes” or “onewheel coupon codes” into a search engine, and you’ll get a long list of sites to look at.

Many sites will be spammy, with ads that pop up and block you from seeing the code. If you can’t get to the code, click on a deal a few times.

The key is to keep going!


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