How To Connect Unsupported Bluetooth To Ps4? Top 3 Ways In 2022

We’re going to tell you how to connect a Bluetooth device that PS4 doesn’t support. After the PlayStation 4 came out, Sony said that it doesn’t support A2DP or any Bluetooth profile for audio streaming. This means that it doesn’t work with Bluetooth devices. Advanced Audio Distribution Profile, or A2DP, is a stereo music profile that can be sent over Bluetooth wirelessly.

The PS4 doesn’t work with Bluetooth audio devices. Why did Sony stop making Bluetooth devices for the PS4? The reason is that A2DP will be behind by 100–200ms, which would make things even stranger when using these devices. So most Bluetooth devices won’t work with the PS4. There is a way around this, though. Use one of the following ways to connect Bluetooth devices to your PS4 and play games.

how to connect Bluetooth headphones to ps4?

Use a USB dongle to connect a Bluetooth headset,

The PlayStation 4 is a great game system, but it is missing a few features. One of them is using any Bluetooth headset. You can only use a few official and licensed ones. The PS4 Bluetooth headset dongle is a piece of hardware that can solve this problem.

The FreeMe is easy to use. You get a USB dongle that plugs into the PS4 and a 3.5mm microphone that plugs into your controller. It’s plug-and-play, so you don’t need any special software. Once you’ve put the dongle in, pair your Bluetooth headset with it as you normally would, and you’re good to go. You can choose to send game sounds to the headset and to other players in a multiplayer game or group chat.

The 3.5mm microphone is a miracle. Its sensitivity is so good that it can pick up your voice even when your face isn’t close to the controller. Just play as you normally would. In the settings menu of your PlayStation 4, you can change the microphone volume to fit your voice and the environment.

The dongle and microphone are small and light, so once they are set up, you won’t even notice they are there. The small size also makes them easy to carry and makes sure they won’t get in the way when you’re playing with your favorite Bluetooth headphones.

  • Connect the Bluetooth adapter dongle to your PS4’s USB port.
  • Wait for the plug to quickly flash blue. It shows the mode for pairing.
  • Please turn on and put your Bluetooth headset in pairing mode.
  • The solid blue light on the dongle shows that your Bluetooth headset is now paired with your PS4.
  • Now, plug the microphone into your controller’s 3.5mm port.
  • Your PS4 will now show a message saying that this connection has been made.
  • Your Bluetooth headset is now fully connected, so you can talk and listen to music at the same time.


Connect an unsupported Bluetooth device to a PS4 using a wired connection.

If the first way doesn’t work, you’ll have to use wired media instead of Bluetooth to connect your headphones. You would be wrong to think that Sony hasn’t even made a way for you to connect your Bluetooth headphones. The audio jack on your PS4 controller can be used to connect any headset so that voice can be sent to it.

You would need a headphone jack, which your Bluetooth headphones might have come with. If not, you can quickly buy one from Amazon for a few dollars.

Connect your headset and PS4 controller to the audio jack on the controller. Make sure the controller is set up right.

Now, go to Settings, then Devices, then Audio devices. 2-21

Now, go to Output Device and make sure Headphones connected to a controller is selected. You can change the volume by using the volume control (headphone) in the bottom right corner. You can also change the settings of the input device if your headset has a microphone. 3-19

We need to change the Output to Headphones setting so that not only the chat volume but also the game volume is sent to your headphones. Make sure that “All Audio” is chosen. 4-17

Save the changes and leave settings. Now, use your headphones to see if you can hear the sound well.

how to hook up bluetooth headphones to ps4?

Bluetooth Devices That Can Connect to PS4

If your Bluetooth device is supported by Sony, you can set up the settings to pair it right away. If you don’t know if Sony supports it or not, you can look at the headset to find out. But making changes to the settings is never dangerous.

To connect, turn on your Bluetooth headset and put it into pairing mode.

Go to Settings>Peripherals>Bluetooth Devices on your PS4.

To connect, choose the name of your headset.

If the connection works, you can now try using your Bluetooth headset to play games.

If, for some reason, it doesn’t work, the following message will show up: The PS4 doesn’t work with Bluetooth audio devices. If you can’t connect to the Bluetooth device within the time limit, you can try one of the following.

It’s simple, right? What do you do to help? If you still have questions, feel free to leave a comment below, and we’ll see what else we can do to help.


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