How to Get Rid of Engine Noise in Car Stereo

The dream of every car owner who likes good music in their car is to have quality music and good sound from a car stereo, sub-woofers, amplifier, and speakers. If something is wrong with the car, the music from the stereo might be annoying. In this case, I’ll talk about how to get rid of engine noise in the car stereo, what causes it, and what you can do to make sure you hear the best music.

When most people have this kind of problem with their car stereo, the next thing that comes to mind is that they will have to find an expert, which will cost more because you’ll have to pay the electronic or sound engineer after the problem is fixed. In this article, “How to Get Rid of Engine Noise in Your Car Stereo,” I’ll explain where the noise in your car stereo is coming from and how you can fix it yourself so you don’t have to pay an expert to do it.

why engine noise can make your car stereo sound bad

  • Bad RCA cables send signals from the car stereo to the speakers, amplifiers, or speakers. There are different kinds of RCA cables from different brands on the market. If you buy fake RCA cables, you might hear noise from your speakers, especially when you speed up, and other sounds that you don’t want. This will make it hard for you to listen to music in your car, which will annoy you all the time. I’d like to tell you about one of the best brands of RCA cables. After testing, researching, and using it, I can’t say anything bad about it. Since I switched to the Monoprice 1.5ft Premium 2 RCA Plug, I haven’t heard any noise from my car’s engine. So, I would strongly suggest this product, which you can buy on Amazon.
  • Poorly made speaker wires – Engine noise can also be heard if the stereo is connected to the speakers with poor or weak wires. Choosing the right brand of wires to connect to your car’s speakers is a solution that will last a lifetime. Switching to InstallGear 14 Gauge AWG speaker cables will solve the problem and make your music sound better.
  • Insufficient Grounding: This problem is caused by the wrong way the cables are connected. This happens when the negative cable is not connected well to the body of the car. In this case, the audio signal from the stereo is sent to the speakers as electric pulses through the audio cables. The engine can sometimes cause electrical charges, and when the cables pick up the charges, they can cause ground noise. This makes the speakers connected to the stereo make noise that you don’t want. To avoid these issues, make sure you buy the best and right wires for connecting things in your car. After you figure out why your car stereo might be making noise from the engine that you don’t like, here are some things you should check to fix the problem.

How to stop the engine noise in your car stereo

  • Find out where the noise is coming from. In this case, you need to find out where the noise is coming from most and make sure it’s the engine. To be sure, start your car and make sure the volume is at the highest level while the engine is running. You might hear some whining sounds coming from the speakers while Accelerating. If the noise goes away when you turn off the engine, it’s clear that the engine is the main source of the noise in your car stereo.
  • Checking the cables that connect things – To check the cables, you should pull out all of your RCA cables and replace them one at a time with new or good cables. If you take out and put back in your connection’s different cables one by one, you can find and get rid of the bad ones. If you change the cables and the noise engine goes away, this means that the noise engine was coming from one or more of your cables. I would recommend the Amazon Basics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable – 4 Feet because I have used and tested it. It is a good solution that will last for a long time.
  • Pull out the stereo. If the engine noise is still coming through the speakers, try pulling the stereo out of the dashboard. After taking out the stereo, you should play music outside the dash to see if the noise goes away. If it does, poor shielding is to blame. Use MuMETAL Magnetic Shielding Foil to stop the noise caused by poor shielding. 012″ Thick Sheet, 8″ x 12″ Magnetic shielding foil should be cut into strips and used to wrap the stereo all the way around. The stereo should then be put back in the dashboard.
  • Turn off the stereo and unplug the speakers. If the speakers still make engine noise, try unplugging the wires from the speakers. Wrap them in Mu-metal foil to keep them from interfering with electrical cables in the car because they are too close. To stop this from happening, you might also want to move your wires.
  • Checking the battery and the alternator – When an alternator isn’t working right, it usually sends out electrical pulses that speakers pick up and turn into annoying noises. The battery could also be the source of the noise. Old batteries should be replaced, and it should be checked to see if it needs to be fixed. If the alternator isn’t working right, the speakers will make a whining noise when you speed up, which will hurt your ears. To fix it, you should change the spark plugs and the wires that go to them.
  • Use of a noise filter. Using a noise filter to get rid of noises from the engine to the speakers is always the last resort. Noise filters usually cut down on noise interference, so the sound from your speakers is clear and good. Having a noise filter stops high-frequency sounds like whistling from getting to your car speakers. The BOSS Audio Systems Ground Loop Isolator B25N Noise Filter for Car Audio Systems is a permanent fix for engine noises in your car stereo. It can be bought on Amazon

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